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Friends, we recorded 4 versions of the song «Happy Birthday to you» and share them for free download and use. And also appeal to all the musicians and arrangers, and music, please support our campaign in the availability of the most popular song in the world!

Who does not know the song "Happy Birthday to you"? EVERYBODY KNOWS!

        It is the most popular song in the world! This is evidenced by the Guinness Book of Records. But because of disputes over copyright this melody could not be free to perform anywhere, except as in the domestic circle. "Thank you" for this, the Warner company, which in its time warning in advance to buy the rights and then began to fight with each artist of this song a lot of money. In 2014, leading an evening talk show Stephen Colbert congratulated happy birthday song and tried to sing the first line, but the screens brought a message of technical malfunctions. "Excuse me, my friends, we can not sing the" Happy Birthday to You ", even to congratulate the song" Happy Birthday to You "in her birthday", - said Colbert.

        But at the end of September 2015 a Los Angeles court ruled that Warner company owns the copyright on a piano arrangement, but not on its lyrics or melody. A copyright on the song have been established before 31 December 2016 the European Union (70 years after the author's death - Patty Hill died in 1946). That's the story.

But is not the point, but the fact is that if you want to congratulate a loved one under the melody, then the Internet, you will not find a lot of arrangements of this song. One, two and all. Therefore, we decided to rectify the situation. This song should be in the public domain. This song should be a lot! We digress from the usual musical and promotional affairs and made several arrangements of famous melodies. Download it and use!

01 Happy Birthday (Pop rock)
 buy for commercial use

02 Happy Birthday (Acoustic)
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03 Happy Birthday (Dance)
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04 Happy Birthday (Heavy)

05 Happy Birthday (Funk)
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And all the musicians, arrangers and sound designers call to action! Take some time and make his version of «HBTY» and share it with others by uploading to share. And then the new 2019 when certainly all rights expire, we will meet the accompaniment of the greatest songs!
All the good and happiness.