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Funk Vol.2

New, perky, slightly hooligan funky album. Music that you want to listen to, to which you want to dance, and which you want to insert into your brilliant projects.

Technology Corporate Vol.02

A collection of corporate music for scoring presentations, infographics, technology stories and much more.

Tropic Dance

Tropical electronic house music. A modern bit, hot motives, the spirit of the sea and freedom. Feel the smell of the sea, feel the light breeze and the warm sun. It is a tropical paradise.

New Release

In this collection we are laying out the freshest compositions. They can be in different styles and directions. There can be heavy rock and light folk. Over time, tracks will be transferred to thematic collections. Only new items will be in this folder.

Technology Corporate

Corporate music for presentations, infographics. Inspirational, guiding, motivating. Modern sound and beat. Ideal for reviews, instructional videos.

Sport Cinema Rock

Powerful hip-hop rock, action-cinematic compositions with guitar riffs, hip-hop rhythm, hardcore elements, tough industrial energy drums and tops. Ideal for extreme movie trailers, action films, martial arts, urban, sports video, commercials and other projects.

Inspirational Acoustic

Сollection of sincere, warm acoustic compositions. Pleasant sound, positively sentimental mood, delicate balance. Experience inspiration with our tracks.

Indie Rock

music for video blogs and ads. Indie rock, the latest tracks that inspire and guide you forward.

Emotion Piano

A collection of gentle pleasant piano compositions. Textured cinematic melodies perfectly conveying the mood. Sadness and sadness, hope and happiness. After listening to these compositions, I immediately want to insert them into my film. The license is issued in Russian. Allowed to be used in advertising and cinema. Music by Tyufyakin Konstantin.

Corporate Background

Collection of license production music for corporate films, presentations and infographics. Calm motivational tunes ideally suited for registration of presentation films.


When you need to voice the play part of a video, comedic or dramatic, such music is needed. A collection of cinematic situational melodies conveying mood.

News Maker

A collection of melodies and beats for the design of news programs. Roundups, weather, exchange rates, science news, etc. Modern arrangements and interesting moves. Your news will sound!


Collection of melodies performed on an acoustic guitar. Soft soft motifs, nostalgic notes, stunning improvisations, virtuoso performance.

Upbeat Acoustic

A collection of upbeat and happy tracks, featuring ukuleles, hand-claps and bright piano. Positive and cheerful music for projects demanding children, advertising and uplifting music. So, feel-good folk acoustic tracks. Happy tune music that features clapping and ukulele. Perfect for background music for any type of presentation.

Stomp Percussion

Rhythmic tracks created with the help of various percussion instruments.

Action Rock

Powerful, loud, drive collection of action tracks. This is real rock. Modern reefs and loupes.

Tender Emotions

Romantic, conveying tender feelings of the melody. Relax, love, sex. Soft rhythms, pleasant sounds, stylish percussion. This is a luxury! It is allowed to use in advertising on radio, television and the Internet.

Blockbuster Collection

Music for your blockbuster or action packed game. Orchestral epic loud rhythmic music for the production of short presentations, movie teaser and action games.

Hip-Hop and Funk

This is great funky and hip hop music. Energetic bass line, dirty guitars, hip-hop elements connected by a modern swinging groove. Ideal as background music for projects related to fashion and sports. Use these tracks on Instagram and YouTube.

Happy Summer Rock

Happy pop rock music for summer fun traveling. Positive mood and smiles in dancing guitar sound.

More info..

  • Our original track for advertising vitamins "Vitrum"

  • Our original track for the advertising of the bank "Tinkoff"

  • Our original track for advertising Alpen Gold


Новогодние распевки
Новогодние распевки
Xiaomi использует нашу музыку в своих телефонах
Китайская компания Xiaomi стала использовать в своей операционной системе музыкальный трек нашей компании.
Новый сборник продакшн-музыки "Garage Rock"
С радостью презентуем наш новый сборник продакшн-музыки "Garage Rock". Яркие, мощные, позитивные треки украсят любой проект. В этом альбоме присутствует всё: драйв, энергия, мощь и непринужденность, свойственная гаражной музыке.

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