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Happy Summer Rock

Happy pop rock music for summer fun traveling. Positive mood and smiles in dancing guitar sound.

Tropic Dance

Tropical electronic house music. A modern bit, hot motives, the spirit of the sea and freedom. Feel the smell of the sea, feel the light breeze and the warm sun. It is a tropical paradise.

Inspiring Music

Motivational, inspirational music of success, with the spirit of victory and great achievements! Music for Voice and advertising start-up projects. Decision found!

American South Rock

A daring mix of Blues, Hip-Hop, Rock, Texas Folk. If the guitars are powerful, if the rhythm is with a groove, if the drums, then only big ones! Hot sun, desert, cowboy hats, whips and spurs. The best associations for such music. Ideal for scoring movie scenes and commercials.

Garage Rock

Jazz Vol.02

This is real jazz. From the first notes we are transported to the evening New York. The classical composition of the band (Piano, double bass, drums) Virtuoso live performance and classical set in and virtuoso performance will not leave you indifferent to this wonderful collection. These tracks can be used in movies, in advertising, or you can just listen and enjoy.

Emotion Piano Vol2

Cinematic piano music. Lyrical, inspiring, motivating. Decoration of any video. Suitable for cinema and advertising. Gentle piano sounds convey all emotions.

Emotion Piano

A collection of gentle pleasant piano compositions. Textured cinematic melodies perfectly conveying the mood. Sadness and sadness, hope and happiness. After listening to these compositions, I immediately want to insert them into my film. The license is issued in Russian. Allowed to be used in advertising and cinema. Music by Tyufyakin Konstantin.

Action Rock

Powerful, loud, drive collection of action tracks. This is real rock. Modern reefs and loupes.

Blockbuster Collection

Music for your blockbuster or action packed game. Orchestral epic loud rhythmic music for the production of short presentations, movie teaser and action games.

Tropical Music

Popular genres from Samba to Bossa Nova. Fresh summer vibes for happy travel vacation.


Swing, B-Bop, Big Bend. We present a collection of original jazz compositions composed specifically for use in advertising and cinema. This double bass, virtuoso pianist, incendiary drummer. Everything that should be in Jazz is here. Enjoy listening and using.

Russian Folk

The most popular Russian-folk compositions. Traditional rhythms and instruments. Balalaika, flute, horn, harp, accordion, etc.


When you need to voice the play part of a video, comedic or dramatic, such music is needed. A collection of cinematic situational melodies conveying mood.


Real classic funk needs no introduction. This is dancing, this is groove, this is the clockwork rhythm. This is the music of the streets of a big city.


Soundtrack music for spy investigation film full of adventure action dynamic. Energetic guitars and beats for danger mission.

Asia music

Asia Music is an experimental collection of ethnic music. Mix of works of oriental tunes with modern beats and traditional instruments. This background music is ideal for travel programs, commercials and games with oriental flavor.

New Retro

Collection of modern indie compositions. These tracks are perfect for indie-film and advertising. Each track feels the spirit of youth and independence.

Glamour Sucks

A vigorous mix of electronics, metal, hard core and shave bits. This is hyper music of the 22nd century. Extreme sound!

Silver Strings

Collection of acoustic productions of the guitar virtuoso Ilya Trukhanov. Stunning solos, colorful rhythms, unique passages. You will hear the motives of South and North America, Spain and France. All works are allowed to be used for advertising, TV and radio programs, video blogs.

Happy music

Music of happiness. Music of Joy. Music of good mood. The bright and good tracks of sun and smiles for training, advertising and presentation projects.

IVR Collection

Music for the autoresponders in different styles. Serious and positive, calm and energetic, neutral and even ethnic.


New music in different styles written in 2017.

Indie Music

Easy, pleasant music with elements of futurism. Well suited for scoring scenes documentaries and commercials.

Happy Birthday to You

Friends, we recorded 4 versions of the song «Happy Birthday to you» and share them for free download and use. And also appeal to all the musicians and arrangers, and music, please support our campaign in the availability of the most popular song in the world!

Extreme Music 2

Even more powerful, even faster, even louder! The second collection of extreme metal. If you need to voice races, fights and other sports battles, this collection is what you need! The license is in Russian.

Extreme Music

Powerful and energetic music in the style of Nu Metal and Heavy Metal. Guitar based hard riffing tracks for videos, commercials or background. Exellent sound of Les Paul and Marshall chain. Created by Boris Kazakov and Aleksandr Karabanov. Engineering by Dmitry Tsiban ©2016 Muza Production

Dark Trap

This is a trend! The music you want to insert into your project. Trap compositions for serials, advertising and blogs. Modern sounds and beats. Pre-order can be issued now.


Collection of melodies performed on an acoustic guitar. Soft soft motifs, nostalgic notes, stunning improvisations, virtuoso performance.


Non-standard crazy music in the style of melodies from Soviet cartoons 80s 90s. The strange synth sounds, rhythms, drum machines, and warm sound Moog.